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NF MOSTY- Puentes was founded in 2016 by Monika Michaelová as a result of years of learning with the Kogi indigenous tribe in Columbia. It aims to transfer their unique cultural heritage and spiritual insights to our lives and nature protection in our area. The Kogis believe water is the source of life and must be protected and treated with respect. 

NF Mosty- Puentes has been doing educational activities and public discussions as well as work events for the protection of water and trees. Currently there are 2 local projects running. Reviving the spring of Kamenice creek, which was buried under an old dump yard and restoring hedges and trees in nearby agricultural and public land.  



Monika Michaelová – executive director, networking, fundraising, PR, speeches on conferences and public events, education, vision.

Marta Kocvrlichová – consultant, local relations, psychologist, consultancy. 

Lenka Voštová – project coordinator, local relations, socials, education, projects realisation.

Jan Budil – web master and socials, design, communication, technical support.

Alena Lenochová – auditor, economist, administration, tax and accounting.

Michal Kristýnek – consultant, local, national and international relations, technical support, education


We have active volunteer network and cooperation with donors, local associations and friends.  




In 2011 was received call from Mamos and Sajas Kogi tribe to continue their wisdom and act in the world to restore balance. In 2016 was set with Colombian Uaí people to continue with “what remains”.

On 28 ha of mountain land given to us Kogi used to live before several invasions since pre-Columbian era begun intercultural exchange. People, who are ready to work for Mother Earth. It is not a space for anybody, who only likes spiritual or business adventure of new kind. We tend to cooperate on getting and giving back the land to indigenous people, who are here at home. This idea we transfer to Czech republic and other countries by our growing community.

There was given to us pillars for sustainable life.

El remanente is based on connection with land and all its levels, dimensions.

  1. built bases for traditional life restoration

– stone circles, art of fire, water streaming in the land, wild gardens

  1. legal ownership of land
  2. fences and protection of the land
  3. house building in traditional manners
  4. wild gardens and orchards planting
  5. preservation and food keeping, drying room
  6. weaving mill
  7. animals care and hunting
  8. traditional wisdom within growing community


Mamo with family came down from Sierra Nevada to the coast. They arrived thirsty and entered shop. Mamo asked for water. Man asks for money. Mamo shouted: You rude thief. I do care for pure waters to flow from the source to the sea. I don’t charge you. Drink my water as much as you need. But water is not for sale. Stop being vulgar to sell water.